Luca Zelinotti

Name:                  Luca

Surname:            Zelinotti

Sex:                       Male

D.O.B.:                  May 31th 1985

Height:                 1.84

Nationality:        Italian





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Luca Zelinotti is a multidisciplinary expert with field experience and advanced training in emergency, rescue, CBRNe and biology, that uses his knowledge for a holistic and comprehensive approach to dealing with events and threats.

Everything that Luca Zelinotti has studied, every course followed, every university degree acquired, every work experience done has a purpose.
Everything is connected and nothing is done meaningless. Everything is strictly interconnected. A multidimensional and transversal network of knowledge to achieve a holistic and omnicompresentative approach to events to improve achieving a goal:
Give a real and concrete contribution to National Security, and give the opportunity to as many rescuers as possible to save more lives tomorrow.
A definitely ambitious project, which began 10 years ago, which has cost many sacrifices, dedication and commitment, and that finally is now mature.


Luca Zelinotti was born in Marino (Rome) on 31 may 1985 and grew up in a family of firefighters, his father, his brother, his cousins, his uncle ... they are all firefighters, and he grew up in the fire brigade barracks.

He studied electronics and telecommunications at high schools and he graduated three times from "University of Tor Vergata"(Rome), the first two degrees as:

  • Laboratory technician
  • Medical biotechnology

After, again at the "University of Tor Vergata" he successfully completed a
Master's degree in:

Second master's degree in:

  • Advanced rescue in extra-hospital emergencies.
Third master's degree in progress in:
  • International anti Terrorism
During his studies, Luca Zelinotti,  with the help of experts and colleagues, writes he's first accademic publication with issues of emergency management, rescue, counter terrorism and CBRNe.
In his publications, Luca Zelinotti
has always proved to face uncomfortable and critical problems for Homeland Security and in a rational way and with a scientific approach, providing free public administrations and bodies (published on Researchgate).
This innovative solution and the h
ighlighting the criticalities in a scientific way has been greatly appreciated by the operators of all the state institutions and academics.
May in the near future some of this publications will became
a well-established reality.
Luca Zelinotti since 2007 is a volunteer of the Italian Red Cross, and he work mainly in emergergency rescue on ambulance as paramedic or in extra-urban/ Mountain rescue team (S.M.T.S.)  with search and rescue and rope access techniques and hazardous materials (C.B.R.N.e) specialist for decontamination in mass casualty incident.
In red Cross he has eveloping a strong experience with rescue, and emergency management with disaster as erthquakes and floods, and pandemic as Ebola and influenza and (re)emerging disease as tubercolosis and multi-drug resistance disease.
Today in Red Cross Luca Zelinotti work as first aid instructor and safety at work instructor to train future volunteers and rescuers.
Luca Zelinotti has made available for many years his experience and knowledge for many Italian associations and professionals acquiring skills in training and counseling.
In 2016 with the aim of providing a much more standard formative and technical advice than the Italian standards, Luca Zelinotti founded the "Emergency Management" , with the purpose of supply innovative solutions for agencies and Italian State.
Luca Zelinotti have 7th level according to EQF (European Qualifications Fameworks)
 (italian link of MIUR)


Main skills:
CRBNe expert

CBRNe expert

 International Master course in " Protection against CBRNe events 2°LV for Advisor" (University of Tor Vergata-Rome)

  • Nato Biological Warfare Defence Awareness Course (Nato school)
  • PEIMAF specialist (Internal hospital Emergency Plan for Massive influx of injured)
  • Civil defence 
  • Intelligence CBRNe
  • Unconventional weapons and CBRNe Risk
  • Critical issues and procedures for the assessment of contaminated sites 
  • Energetic and explosive materials



Master course in " International antiterrorism"


  • Strategy of terrorism
  • Analysis
  • securyty
  • Rescue in case of attack
  • CBRNe terrorism
  • Bioterrorism


  • First Aid instructor
  • Defibrillator instructor
  • Pediatric life-saving maneuvers instructor
  • Pre Hospital Trauma care Instrucot
  • Advaced Medical Point and field hospital instructor
  • Hygiene instructor
  • ICS instructor

Advanced Rescuer

  • Specialist rescue with special means and techniques
  • Mountain rescue specialist
  • Rescue Rope Specialist
  • Rescuer specialized in crime scene and terroristic attack


  • University degree in "laboratory technician"
  • University degree in "medical biotechnology"
  • Flow cytometry 
  • Spettrometry and spettrofluorimetry molecular analysis
  • Molecular biology
  • Specialist in bacteriology and antimicrobilac resistence analysis
  • Special trainining for "Clean lab", Laboratory without any contamination, and laboratory with high level of biosafety levels
  • Experience  in anti-fraud GMO's at the
    Italian reference laboratory (IZSLT-Rome)


Link to pubblications

  • University group of experimental biophysics
  • Protein structural analysis by spectrometric techniques and spectrofluorimetr
  • Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Surgical application of platelet-rich plasma
  • Metabolic parameters for animal welfare
  • Researcher at the Institute experimental zooprofilattico (Rome)
  • National Referenc Group for GMo's controllos


The topics covered are easy to understand given the nature of the technical language used. however for courses in other languages it is advisable to support an interpreter in order to effectively translate concepts or answer  questions.

Courses available

  • CBRNe Introductive (environmental and anti-terrorism)
  • Remediation course used to transport patients at risk of infection (contaminated)
  • The origins of terrorism
  • Anti-terrorism course (introductory)
  • Anti-terrorism: external rescuers in support of airport resources
  • Health and safety in the workplace (italian Law n°81/2008)
  • Biological Risk Course (chemical risk in process)
  • Crime Scene Risk Course (approach to the CBRNe horsehair scene)
  • Paramedical course (for the Italian state)
  • Basic Life Support
  • BLS-D Adult
  • BLS-D Pediatric
  • Adult and pediatric BLS + BLS-D complete course (FULL)
  • First Aid (first aid)
  • PTC -Pre hospital Trauma care
  • Pediatric life-saving maneuvers
  • Pediatric unobstruction maneuvers
  • Hygiene course for rescuers
  • ROT Course: management course for treatable hospital waste - (mandatory for all health care workers)
  • Field hospital management course (PMA advanced medical post)
  • radio and telecommunications course
  • Migrants hygiene course and common errors in their assistance
  • Course Animals and disasters (management during disasters)
  • General hygiene course for companies (for all professionals, and catering)
  • H.A.C.C.P. Course (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Legionella Course